2022 Repricing

We’ll be updating our prices on July 1st, 2022. These price changes seek to achieve 3 goals

  • Reduce colocated member’s prices to reflect our reduced costs
  • Incentivize VPS members hosted in Minneapolis (MSP) to migrate their VPSes to Fremont (SCL)
  • More fairly distribute the costs of the SCL datacenter amongst the members colocated in the SCL datacenter

All colocated members’ (except for 2 members who I’ve contacted already) prices will go down with this price change.

All SCP VPS prices will stay the same.

All MSP VPS prices will increase by about 14%.

Members with MSP VPSes

We would like to migrate out of the MSP datacenter over the next year because the bandwidth costs in MSP are extremely high ($25/Mbps) and we have lots of capacity in SCL.

In order to make this happen we’re doing the following

  • Increasing the annual MSP VPS slice price from $75/year to $85/year and the annual MSP VPS extra 25GB disk (for those that purchase extra disk) from $20/year to $25/year
  • Giving all members with VPSs in MSP, 2 months of free VPS service in SCL of the same configuration of your existing MSP VPSs so that you have additional VPSs to migrate your services to. Members can take advantage of this 2 month window ending anytime between August 30, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

Members with colocated servers in SCL

The new price for colocated servers in SCL is

$25/month for

  • 1U of space
  • 1 IP address
  • 30 Watts of power (about 0.144 amps @ 208 volts)
  • 5 Mbps @ 95th percentile

Additional space, IPs, power and bandwidth will cost

  • $0.50/Watt
  • $1/IP
  • $0.50/Mbps
  • 1U of space $20

This will reduce the price for 85% of the colocated servers.

Members with VPSes in SCL

Your price won’t change. Your SCL VPS will now get 2 Mbps included instead of 128 Kbps. Once more members migrate VPSes from MSP into SCL, and our utilization goes up, that increased efficiency should enable us to reduce the SCL VPS price in the future.


  • My MSP VPS annual subscription doesn’t renew until sometime later in the year (for example December 1, 2022). Do I have to pay the prorated amount of the new price for the period between when the price changes and when I renew (for example between July 1, 2022 and December 1, 2022)
    • No, all MSP VPS members get to continue with their current price until their annual renewal comes up next. This is to reduce the (volunteer) effort to manage all the invoicing and finances and keep things simple.
  • If I migrate my MSP VPS to SCL before I get my next annual invoice with the new MSP price, what happens?
    • If you migrate before your renewal, nothing changes. When your renewal does come up later, you’ll pay the same price in SCL as you used to pay in MSP
  • If I migrate my MSP VPS to SCL after I get my next annual invoice with the new MSP price, will I get refunded the prorated amount of what I paid for the MSP VPS at the higher rate because I moved to SCL?
    • No, you’ll finish out the current annual period (which you already paid for) at the MSP rate, and when your next annual renewal comes up it will be at the new lower SCL rate. This is to reduce the (volunteer) effort to manage all the invoicing and finances and keep things simple.
  • How do I get the free SCL VPSes setup?
    • Fill out the VPS request form and in the “Other Comments” field indicate that this is the 2 month free VPS, and the DNS domain name of your existing MSP VPS that this matches.
  • What if I request the 2 month free SCL VPS after May 1, 2023?
    • You’ll get less than 2 months free as the last day for the offer is June 30, 2023. So make sure to do so earlier.
  • What if I get the 2 month free SCL VPS but haven’t finished migrating off of my MSP VPS before the 2 months is up?
    • You’ll be renewed for another year at MSP at the new MSP rate. At this point you’ll have two VPSs and two recurring annual renewals (1 for MSP and 1 for SCL). When you do finish migrating off of your MSP VPS and reduce from 2 VPSs down to 1, you’ll be credited the prorated remainder for your MSP VPS to your Freshbooks account which will then later be used to pay for your SCL VPS (or any other IO Cooperative services)
  • Will I be refunded the prorated difference between what I currently pay for my SCL colocated server and the new price for the time between July 1st and my next bill?
    • No, you’ll continue with your existing service that you’ve already paid for until the month or quarter is done and at the next invoice you’ll be charged the new price. This is to reduce the (volunteer) effort to manage all the invoicing and finances and keep things simple.
  • What if my question isn’t here?
    • Email support with your question and we’ll add it and the answer here.
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