Bandwidth and Power Graphs


  • Determine what PDU port or ethernet switch port your hardware is plugged into by
    logging in to the IO Coop member portal
    using the email address you used to join the coop.
  • Click “System Information” and you should see details about any/all servers that
    you have colocated. If you don’t see your server or something’s wrong, email support to let us know.
  • Next, head over to the monitoring servers (depending on which datacenter your
    server is in).

  • Log in with Persona using the email address that you used to login to the member portal. If you’ve never used Persona you may need to create a password.
  • Once you’re logged in click the “SCL Cacti Guest access” or “MSP Cacti Guest access” to get to the monitoring graphs.
  • Navigate to the switch or pdu that your system is plugged into and the port that belongs to you.
Last updated: 2015-06-24 09:23:46 by ops