Terms of Service

Note: The source and revision history for all IO Cooperative policies is also available.

All customers are bound by our terms of service.

  • No spamming or spam support. See our anti-spam policy for more information.
  • No distributing viruses or malware, engaging in denial of service attacks, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any computer system. See our abuse policy for more information.
  • No illegal activity.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any legal reason.
  • You consent to legal jurisdiction in California.
  • You consent to binding arbitration.
  • You consent to our billing policy.
  • Services may be terminated without refund for violation of these terms.
  • All activity is monitored for security purposes, though privacy is respected.

We will on occasion update these terms of service. When we do, we will take reasonable steps to notify our current clients of any such changes; however, it is your responsibility to check this page for the current terms of service.