Abuse Policy

Note: The source and revision history for all IO Cooperative policies is also available.

IO Cooperative is periodically sent reports of abuse, for example a report of an IO Cooperative member’s IP address attempting to gain unauthorized access to another system out on the internet.

When IO Cooperative receives an abuse report indicating that a member’s IP address is the origin of abuse IO Cooperative will notify the member. The notification will indicate that the member has 48 hours to respond to the report, illustrating how the abuse has been stopped or how the report was inaccurate. If the member has not responded or resolved the abuse within that time period their IP address will be blocked from inbound and outbound network access.

If IO Cooperative deems that the reported abuse is affecting service availability for other cooperative members, the IP address will be immediately blocked and the member will be notified of the abuse and the block.

Once the abuse is resolved the member’s IP address may be unblocked. IO Cooperative will terminate membership of any member who repeatedly allows abuse to originate from their IP address or if the IO Cooperative board deems the abuse to be intentional.