VPS Request

If you have a VPS request that is not easily handled by this form, please feel free to send a request directly to support@iocoop.org. At a minimum, we need:

  • A hostname (fully qualified domain name for the host) (e.g. foo.example.com)
  • Number of slices that you would like for your VPS (see below for price details) (information on what a slice is)
  • Number of extra disk units if any (see below for price details)
  • Organization name if there is any
  • Full name, email address, mailing address, phone number for the primary contact
  • Operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, others require special setup)
  • An SSH public key for your initial access

    IO Cooperative member email address. (Not a member yet? Join here!)

    Primary Contact Name

    Primary Contact Phone

    Mailing Address


    Additional authorized contacts (name and email)

    Hostname (used for reverse DNS)

    Number of slices
    1GB RAM, 25GB Disk, 128kbps @ 95th percentile

    Extra Disk = (must be no more than number of slices)

    Operating System (default is currently Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or Debian 11 (Bullseye) Other OS options on request and require manual setup)

    Specify if other OS:

    Other Comments

    SSH Public Key

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