Technical Support

Request support via Email

The the best and generally fastest way to request a specific action on our part is to send an email to You should get an auto-response with a ticket number in just a few minutes from our ticketing system, Request Tracker (RT).

In your email, include a short descriptive subject line (e.g. “DNS change request”). In the body, please begin with a short summary of the problem. Optionally include copies of relevant logs, expected behavior and actual behavior. This will help make it easier for the support person(s) to quickly ascertain the nature of the problem and either address it or route it to someone who can address it.

Keep a copy of the auto-response email for future reference. The subject line will contain an identifier that RT uses to keep track of things (e.g. ”[ #42] DNS Change”).

  • In any follow-up correspondence, please be sure to keep the subject intact enough to include the identifier that RT needs to keep track of things. (e.g. ”[ #42]”)

Request support via the Web

You can also create new and interact with your existing support requests through the web interface at . If you don’t have or know your password, have a password reset link emailed to you by clicking Forgot my password.

Billing Support

Send an email to to generate a support request to the billing team. You should get an auto-response with a ticket number in just a few minutes. You may check your balance and pay invoices on our Billing Portal.

Questions? Need to chat about something?

Hop onto #iocoop on  It’s relatively quiet but there is almost always at least one of our key people lurking.  If your query doesn’t get a response right away, just hang out for a bit. There’s a Java client that might work for you here.


Most of our infrastructure and end-user documentation can be found under Member Docs.

Mailing Lists

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