Prepare and Rack a Machine


  • Include a photo of the front and back of the machine with annotation numbers added.
  • Annotation list should include things like which NIC is which, which serial port is which but doesn’t need to be silly and include which one is the power plug. :)
  • It should include the MAC address and IP address settings for each NIC.
  • Serial port info should include “has getty @ Speed(n81)”
  • We do not have remote serial at MSP, so you will probably want to have a system that supports IPMI or some other ethernet based console.
  • We’ll need to accurately measure the power draw for the machine. There should be a measuring device in the rack.

If shipping disks non-mounted (say in a nice padded pelican case) of course you should document the correct mounting positions.

Some configuration suggestions for shipping machines

  • Having one NIC setup for DHCP is probably a good idea.
  • Setting up a dynamic dns account may also be a good idea.

Mounting rails

We still need to document what kind of hardware is required in our racks.



IO Cooperative, Inc, c/o Honeycomb Internet Services
77 13th Ave. NE Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55413


Please open a support ticket to make arrangements.

When your gear arrives, we’ll have to arrange for someone to rack it. IRC or the members list is the best place to start.

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