Prepare and Rack a Machine


Here is an overview of the steps that you must follow to ship a machine to a datacenter.

  1. Open a request : Fill out a request to colocate your server
  2. Pay : Pay the invoice that your receive and wait for confirmation in the ticket that you can ship your server to the datacenter
  3. Prepare the shipment : Prepare the server as described below and package it
  4. Find someone to deploy : Communicate with other IO Cooperative members to find a member who can go to the datacenter to deploy your server
  5. Ship it : Take the package to an approved shipping carrier on a date that will enable the package to arrive at the datacenter within a couple days before the date the IO Cooperative member will go to the datacenter to deploy the server. Ship it, and obtain both the estimated arrival date and the tracking number
  6. Open/update the ticket : Immediately open a support ticket or update the one you already have open indicating that there is an inbound shipment and providing the required information
  7. Communicate with the datacenter : An IO Cooperative ops team member will receive your support ticket, create a ticket with the datacenter to alert them to the inbound shipment and the date that the IO Cooperative member will be onsite to take possession of the shipment
  8. Make sure the server gets deployed : Ensure that the IO Cooperative member that you’ve coordinated with to go onsite and deploy your shipped server goes onsite on the date and time you agreed on and that was reported in the ticket and to the datacenter and deploys the server

Open a request

Fill out a request to colocate your server

Prepare the shipment

Things to include in the shipment

  • A photo of the front and back of the machine with annotation numbers added to ports.
  • A annotation list which includes things like which NIC is which, which serial port is which but doesn’t need to be silly and include which one is the power plug. :)
  • The MAC address and IP address settings for each NIC.
  • Serial port information like “has getty @ 9600 N81”
  • The mounting rails for the server. Without rails the server can not be deployed

If shipping disks non-mounted (say in a nice padded pelican case) of course you should document the correct mounting positions. We have remote serial at SCL but not at MSP, so for MSP you will probably want to have a system that supports IPMI or some other ethernet based console. Setting the secondary NIC to DHCP will help if the primary NIC’s static IP has a problem during deployment.

Find someone to deploy

Email the IO Cooperative members list and ask for a member who lives near the datacenter to help by deploying your server for you. At SCL there is a 3 day window once the shipment arrives for someone to pick up the shipment before it gets returned to sender so make sure to have someone available and ready and a date agreed on that they’ll go and deploy.

Ship it


Package and label your system in order to ship it to

IO Cooperative Inc. - Cage # 062070
C/O Equinix SV6
444 Toyama Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Hand your package off to any carrier other than the US Postal Service (as USPS won’t delivery to Equinix’s loading dock) and obtain both the tracking number for the shipment and the estimated arrival date.


Package and label your system in order to ship it to

IO Cooperative, Inc, c/o Honeycomb Internet Services
77 13th Ave. NE Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Open/update the ticket

Here is the required information that you must put in the ticket

  • The carrier name (any carrier other than USPS that won’t deliver to the Equinix loading dock)
  • The tracking number provided by the carrier
  • The estimated arrival date of the package that the carrier provided you
  • The number of boxes being shipped
  • If the shipment is “oversized”
  • The name, email address and phone number of the person who needs to be notified when the shipment arrives so they can come deploy the system. This will be the member you’ve arranged with that will be taking possession of the shipment when it arrives and deploying the system.
  • The date and time that the member who will deploy your server will be taking possession of the shipment to deploy it. This is required because if the date/time is outside M-F 9-5 business hours, we have to coordinate with Equinix to have the shipment dropped in the security guards office during business hours so it’s available outside business hours. If this isn’t done, Equinix will charge us for “smart hands” and this charge will will be passed along to you.
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