What do our fees go towards?

The majority of the fees we collect for VPSs and colocation go directly to the datacenters and transit providers that provide us the space, power and bandwidth to get your machines up and connected to the internet. We set our prices to target our datacenter and transit costs plus 20%.

What does the 20% go towards?

The 20% on top of our datacenter and transit costs which makeup our prices pays for :

  • PDUs, ATSs and power cabling
  • Network infrastructure like our routers, switches and copper and fiber network cabling
  • VPS server hardware
  • Credit card and Paypal processing fees
  • Financial services like Freshbooks which we invoice and collect money through and Quickbooks which we use to balance our books and pay taxes
  • Our accountant
  • Legal counsel
  • Communication services such as our phone number, mailing address and Github
  • Domain names and SSL certificates
  • City State and Federal taxes and licensing fees
  • Insurance

The 20% does not pay for :

  • Anyone’s time. We are member supported and the operation of the co-op is done wholly by the members (with the exception of our accountant)

Per our bylaws, any member may inspect our accounting books and records.

Last updated: 2014-05-01 16:50:39 by ops