PDU Power Control

Location PDU IP Web UI Notes
SJC02 AKA MTV01 sjc02-pdu01 AKA mtv01-pdu01 AP7930 docs
SJC02 AKA MTV01 sjc02-pdu02 AKA mtv01-pdu02 AP7901 docs
SJC02 AKA MTV01 sjc02-pdu03 AKA mtv01-pdu03 Raritan docs
MSP01 apc.cologeeks.net With no VPN in MSP01 currently, you’ll need to connect from a shared server in MSP01 like bar.cologeeks.net

To access the VPN SSH interface or web interface you’ll need to either VPN into the datacenter first or SSH into a management server in the datacenter.

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