Datacenter colocation is one of the two primary services IO Cooperative provides. Our members colocate hardware in our datacenters to run their businesses, support their non-profits, and host their personal projects.

Since IO Cooperative is a consumer cooperative, it’s owned by the members. As a result, our prices are derived directly from our costs for power, space and bandwidth plus whatever overhead is needed for the infrastructure.

Fremont, CA

Colocate your server┬╗

$25/month 1, 1U rack mountable server
30 watts (about 0.144 amps at 208v) power and cooling
1 IPv4 addresses (we also support IPv6)
5Mbps at 95th percentile with 100Mbps burst capability
up to 2 remote power cyclable power outlets
IPMI access
$0.50/month 1 additional watt of power and the associated cooling. For example, if your host uses 57 watts this would constitute (57 – 30 = 27) 27 watts over the base or $13.50 month
$0.50/month 1 additional Mbps of bandwidth @ 95th percentile. For example, if your month bandwidth usage at 95th percentile is 7 Mbps this would constitute (7 – 5 = 2 Mbps) 2 Mbps over the base or $1/month
$1/month 1 additional IP address
$20/month 1 additional 1U of rack space

We also offer virtual servers at all datacenters.

Our Facilities

We have a legacy Virtual Private Server (VPS) deployment at the Honeycomb Internet Services datacenter at 77 13th Ave. NE in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and offer colocation and VPS service at Hurricane Electric FMT2 datacenter at 48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, California, USA.

If you don’t live near a datacenter such that you’ll need to ship your server, here are instructions on how to ship a machine for installation.

Join Us

A cooperative membership is US$50, which is refundable upon termination of your membership, subject to the provisions of our Bylaws and Terms of Service.

Join IO Cooperative┬╗

If you’d like to know more, or would simply like to be a part of the discussion, please email us, or talk to us in IRC (#iocoop on

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