IO Cooperative uses Freshbooks to mange our billing. Each IO member has a freshbooks account. Your account should have a recurring invoice configured which will be sent to you each billing period. Do please pay the invoice when you get it since we’ll need to use that money to pay the monthly bill with the datacenter.

You can access your freshbooks billing account here :

How to setup Auto Billing

Full Instructions

1. Open the Invoice from the email that was sent to you and click on the View Invoice button
2. Under the Recurring Payment section, leave the “Pay Future Invoices” toggle enabled on if you want to automatically have all future recurring Invoices paid automatically
3. Enter the payment details as needed
4. For Credit Cards or Bank Transfers (ACH), check the box next to Save this credit card or Save this bank account to save your payment details for re-use on any future Invoices
5. Click on the Pay $xx.xx button

How to update your payment method

Instructions on removing your current payment method
Instructions on saving a new payment method

1. Log into your Client Account at or click the link in any previous Freshbooks invoice
2. Open any unpaid Invoice
3. Either click “Update Credit Card” and enter in the new payment information or
4. Click on the Pay Now button – any saved credit cards and bank accounts will appear here, and hover over the credit card or bank account until you see a trash can icon appear next to it
5. Click on the trash can icon Trash can icon next to saved credit card.
6. Click on Remove Credit Card or Remove Bank Account to confirm.
7. For saving a credit card, check off the box next to Save this credit card to an account with IO Cooperative. Checkbox next to save credit card.
8. For saving a bank account (for Bank Transfers), check the box off next to Remember this bank account for future invoices from IO Cooperative Checkbox next to save bank transfer details.
9. Then Click on the Pay $xx.xx button
10. A confirmation screen will appear. This securely saves your credit card and bank account to your FreshBooks account to use for next time.

Last updated: 2023-02-28 14:34:23 by ops