Facilities Committee Charter


The Facilities Committee is responsible for managing all aspects of our datacenter facilities, and owns the physical management and organization of our datacenter properties.

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing members’ access to datacenters
  • Arranging for escorts in and out of datacenters
  • Coordinating equipment installation and removal from datacenters
  • Managing relationships with datacenter vendors
  • Reviewing datacenter contracts for upcoming expirations or changes in terms
  • Evaluating prospective datacenter locations and contracts
  • Negotiating terms of new datacenter contracts
  • Coordinating moving equipment between datacenters
  • Managing support requests with our facilities vendors
  • Coordinating with the Hardware & Assets committee to manage our racks
  • Evaluating, developing, implementing software automation tools in pursuance of committee responsibilities
  • Documenting the policies and procedures adopted in pursuance of committee responsibilities
  • Consuming inbound datacenter maintenance notifications, determining the date/time window and communicating it to the coop members with gear in the given datacenter

Authority & Limitations

The Facilities Committee is authorized to develop policies and procedures for meeting its functional responsibilities, and delegating tasks among its members. The decisions, policies, and procedures of the committee may be overturned by majority vote of the board or a supermajority vote of the membership at large.

The chair of the committee is authorized to act as an agent of the cooperative, with respect to facilities vendors, when acting within the good faith, authorization, and knowledge of the board of directors

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